Welcome to the new NJ Weather and Climate Network

April 24, 2014 - 4:47pm -- Chad Shmukler

Our now-retired web site that for many years dutifully disseminated valuable New Jersey weather and climate data to citizens, educators, government officials and agencies, emergency managers and more was in need of an update. Today, we're pleased to make our new web site available to the general public for the first time. This latest incarnation of the New Jersey Weather and Climate Network, which can now be found here at www.njweather.org, includes a bevy of new features and usability enhancements.

In the coming weeks and months, we'll delve further into these new features and enhancements via blog posts introducing and detailing how to take advantage of them. For the time being, please explore the list below that briefly summarizes some of the new improvements and additions.

More Data, More Often

Far and away the most important feature of the new NJ Weather and Climate Network is the availability of 5-minute data at all of our Mesonet and SafetyNet stations throughout the state, a total of almost 60 stations. Data from these stations were previously available every 60 minutes. You can view these new, 5-minute data in our entirely redesigned data viewer, which allows for customized searches, easy filtering of data/results, export to popular file formats such as Microsoft Excel, CSV, PDF and more. Our 5-minute data are also in all of the other products on the site, including maps, charts/graphs and more.

More Local

One of our strong suits has always been providing the most localized New Jersey weather data and information available anywhere. We've expanded on this strength, offering greatly improved station pages that provide a myriad of location-specific information including the most up-to-date weather conditions, extended National Weather service forecasts, graphics and visuals of conditions over the last 24 hours, links to expanded data and much more.

More, Bigger, Better Maps

Maps that allow our users to view weather information from all of the stations in our network in a spatial context have long been one of our most widely used tools. These maps are now bigger, more easily accessible and navigated and there's more of them.

More Visuals

The charts available through our previous web site were useful, but limited and not particularly exciting. Our entirely redesigned charts come in over 30 different flavors, can be stacked and combined into a composition of different charts from different stations and can be downloaded in PDF, JPEG or SVG format for use on your web site, in reports and presentations and so on.

More News and Information

The new web site features our all-new news and blog sections where you'll find regularly updated weather-related stories and other information.

More Social

Login with your Facebook account or sign up for an account directly with us to share our news stories, blog posts, maps and more. Share your comments and enjoy discussion with others in the New Jersey Weather and Climate Network community.

More to Come

Look for continued expansion of the new NJ Weather and Climate Network web site over the coming weeks and months as we introduce new products and features to serve you better.

Please take the time to explore the new site and share your feedback and questions with us.